This passion has driven us to set up world-class manufacturing facilities with extreme operational efficiencies. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation for flawless project execution and management. Our Ace position is result of our high quality products manufactured by qualified and self-driven team of professionals at our plants from diversified streams which is our core asset for growth. Every product we create with the ‘Made in India’ tag is a source of great honour and pride for us.


Manufactured in accordance with latest international Standard EN-837, Pressure Gauge and Differential Pressure gauges are manufactured at our New Mumbai plant, established under technical collaboration with M/s. Gauges Bourdon Ltd. – UK / France. High quality gauges are proven for its precision, reliability, safety and high product life cycle in worldwide onshore and offshore industries.




Manufactured at Goa plant, General flow elements are designed and engineered to meet process requirements in worldwide industries – largest chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries, fertilizers, metal and food, beverages, cement, pharma, OEM clients and many more.


Engineered to the specific designs for low, medium and high pressure usage. The Needle Valves & Manifolds manufactured by General Instruments are available in wide range of materials and designs. Based on specific client requirement, we can design different models meeting critical process applications.


General instruments has built reputation for manufacturing standard instrumentation / tube fittings as well as customized fittings based on client requirements and various process applications.

General Compression tube fittings are double ferrule type fittings which provide leak proof, torque free seals at the tubing connection. They provide safety and eliminates hazardous leaks of fluids in instrumentation field for process, pressure, hydraulic and other applicable tubing system.

bullets Front Ferrulebullets Back Ferrule
bullets Coupling Cap (Nuts)bullets Tube End Closure
bullets Fitting End Closurebullets Union
bullets Reducing Unionbullets Bulkhead Union
bullets Bulkhead Reducing Unionbullets Union Elbow
bullets Bulkhead Elbowbullets Union Tee
bullets Union Crossbullets Male Connector
bullets O Seal Male Connectorbullets Male Elbow
bullets 45 Deg. Male Elbowbullets 45 Deg Positionable Male Elbow
bullets Positionable Male Elbowbullets Male Run Tee
bullets Positionable Male Run Teebullets Positionable Branch Tee
bullets Female Connectorbullets Female Manometer Connector
bullets Bulkhead Female Connectorbullets Female Run Tee
bullets Female Branch Teebullets Male Adapter
bullets O Seal Male Adapterbullets Reducing Union Tee
bullets Bulkhead Male Connectorbullets Male Branch Tee
bullets Female Elbow


Signal, control and thermocouple extension / compensating cable with PVC or LDPE insulations, PVC sheathed, shielded / unshielded, armoured / unarmoured and overall PVC or FRLS sheath cables are offered. Conductor diameters are as per customer requirements. Applicable standards IS:8130, IS:5831, IS:1554, IEC-584, ANSI MC 96.1, IEEE-694, ASTM D 2863, IEC-754-1 etc.